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C3 Innovations, Inc. (C3) 

C3 provides software development and engineering services. With over 24 years direct experience in Department of Defense programs their capabilities include: multiple software development methodologies including agile development; incorporation of Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) technologies, and "system of systems" engineering services. (SB, SDB, WOSB)

Camber Corporation (Camber)

Camber's technical capability spans the areas of Acquisition Management/Decision Support; Program Management; Strategic Planning and Investments; Engineering; Training; Modeling and Simulation; Software Development; Operational Expertise; and Information Technology. They currently provide program, acquisition management and engineering services support to PMA-261, PMA-267 and PMA-299's Integrated Mechanical Diagnostic System (IMDS), Heath Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) and Conditioned Based Maintenance (CBM) programs for initial squadron standup up and modification. (LARGE)

ECS Federal, Inc. (ECS)

ECS' technical capability areas include financial management, cost estimating and analysis, policy and legislative affairs, system engineering, IT/IA systems integration/infrastructure, systems analysis, acquisition program support, logistics, corporate operations, international/FMS technical and financial support and administrative support. ECS supports clients in modernizing their business processes and standardizing their operations through preparing and executing enterprise integration projects. (LARGE)

Telecommunications Consulting Inc. (TCI)

TCI's technical expertise is in the areas of systems engineering, IT modernization, mobile strategy, wireless infrastructure, RF design & engineering, network assessment, benchmarking, technology assessment and deployment, modeling and simulation, program management, as well as IT staffing. (SB, WOSB)

ShadowObjects (SO)

SO is known for its technical expertise, quality performance, and solutions excellence in the fields of acquisition life cycle, information technology (IT)/ information management (IM)/ information assurance (IA), simulation modeling, functional helpdesk services, program management (PM) support services, multi-dimensional metric analysis, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and financial management services. (SB, VOSB, SDVOSB)

Smartronix, Inc.

Smartronix is an information technology and engineering solutions provider with in-depth experience in global and complex enterprise environment and defense and aerospace mission critical requirements. They have proven experience in research and development support, engineering, system engineering, and process engineering support, and system design documentation and technical data support. (LARGE)

Tekla Research, Inc.

Tekla Research specializes in Program and Acquisition Management, Test Planning and Management, Engineering Analysis, Strategic Planning and Management, Earned Value Analysis, Information Technology, Program Protection/System Security, and International Traffic in Arms Regulations for Quantico, Patuxent River, and Norfolk based customers.  (SB, VOSB, SDVOSB)